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Introduction to Investing Event

Thursday, February 15, 7pm to 9 pm – Curling Club, Hillcrest Community Centre

Free to attend

Looking to learn more about investing in and out of the stock market? Not sure about the best way put aside money for retirement and future goals? Worried that your current investments are underperforming or are inappropriate for your appetite for risk or goals? Attend this free event in order to learn more so you can start answering your own questions.

Whether you don’t know the difference between an “ACB” or an “ATM” or if you’re already a savvy investor, this event it geared towards providing you with general information from a variety of different investment or financial professionals. My goal is for to provide new, want-to-be investors or seasoned investors with the background information on investment basics from people who work in the trenches. This includes learning some basic investment terms and principles, as well as opposing them to a wider range of ways to invest their money rather than just parking them in GICs or higher fee bank mutual funds. As you’ll be hearing from different people with different philosophies and strategies, I hope to provide a more balanced view so you can better compare different ways of investing against each other.

For more seasoned investors, I hope to expose them to different ways of investing or other information they can use to get the most out of their portfolios. There will also be the opportunity to ask whatever burning investment questions come to mind from any of the presenters.

No question is too basic nor is anyone too inexperienced to begin learning – the retirement you save just might be your own!

Each presenter will have about 12 to 15 minutes on their topics, with some time at the end of all presentations for questions.

Rough Agenda

Colin Ritchie, lawyer and financial planner      

  • What are the different types of investment earnings and how are they taxed? What is compounding and why is it so important?

Angela Huck, Vice President – Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd.

  • Understanding an investment statement and terms like “book” and “market value”, “rates of return” and “benchmarks”

Chris Stephenson / Lori Norman – Investor Specialist – Steadyhand Investment Funds Inc.

  • What are ETFS, Mutual Funds, Pooled Funds, Wrap Accounts & their pros and cons

Klint Rodgers,  Branch Manager & Private Market Specialist – Pinnacle Wealth Brokers Inc.

  • What does “diversification” mean and different ways of getting it.

Alan Young, Portfolio Manager – Richardson GMP Limited   

  • What are “time horizons” and “rebalancing” and why are they so important?

Colin Ritchie   

  • How RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and TFSAs work.

Thomas Tsiaras, Investment Advisor – Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. 

  • What are “covered calls”, “REITs”, “MICs” and other ways of generating income from your investments?


As space is limited, please contact me in advance to reserve a space!

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