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Planning On Your Terms

I realize that it is hard to find the time and energy to do your Wills and organize your financial life, so I try to make it easier for you by:

  • Meeting you at a mutually convenient location throughout the Lower Mainland, which may include your home or business. Moreover, I do not charge travel expenses.
  • Providing many of my services over the phone, which allows you more flexibility in your busy lives and more time for things other than reviewing interest rates or discussing who inherits your toaster.
  • Regularly posting articles onto my website on a variety of legal and financial planning matters that you can review if and when you want.
  • Providing a series of fillable questionnaires on my website to help you get organized for our meetings. To use these, you need to have the Adobe acrobat reader and to download the documents onto your computer. You then need to open the Adobe program and then open the questionnaires from inside the program and start typing. On the other hand, many clients do not have the time to work through the questionnaire first and we can do this together at our first meeting instead.


My Mission Statement

To provide unbiased, friendly, comprehensive financial planning and selected legal services at reasonable rates that my clients can use to achieve their financial goals and improve the quality of their lives.


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